FAD TV started in 2005 in a small bedroom. One sunny summer afternoon Sam and Danielle were really REALLY bored. So they decided to start making videos. A few nights later Sam was up very late and he was watching an internet tv station....THATS when he got the idea. So the next day Danielle came over and video production began!

Although it wasn't until 2006 when the videos started to get viewed upon. One day at school, Sam decided to tell his friends what he and Danielle were doing. They were all up for helping!

In April 2006 the TV station had 1,400 views. The views grew and grew. So did their content.

Until March 2007 they gained the 1million view mark!

But then....

Half way through 2007 a production company in a country....(NOT GOING TO SAY) stole EVERYTHING they made.

But fear not! After months of "fighting" They won the FaD title and videos.

2009....Was when the 900th million viewer hit! After that...They retired.

BUT NOW! FaD TV is back with a brand new team! With original content, new content and with the added bonus on broadcasting shows and cartoons from the 90's! As well as user submitted content.